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by Lesli Remington

Hi, my name’s Lesli Remington, and I own Thermal Body Scans Orange County. Thermography is a imaging tool that has been developed for some time and approved by the FDA in 1982 for clinical use.

Thermography is a digital infrared camera that’s used for this, and when it’s applied clinically, we’re actually reading the thermal patterns on the surface of your skin to identify thermal imbalances, which tells us a lot of information about where your health is at.

Thermography is a physiological type of test, versus when we compare it with other types of imaging tools, such as MRIs, mammograms, ultrasounds, those are considered anatomical, or structural tests. Thermography is a physiological test, and the difference is, is that instead of looking inside the body at soft tissue, bone, and masses, such as tumors and things like that, we’re actually looking at the surface of the skin, which is regulated by your nervous system and your vascular system. So, that’s actually telling us what’s going on inside the body.

So, with a doctor that knows how to interpret those images, that’s where we can identify the precursors to diseases and imbalances in the body and relate that to functional medicine.

So, all ages will benefit from the thermography, women, men, children, of all ages, but especially with the way we’re trying to educate society is giving women an opportunity to have choices of different types of imaging tools that are harmless, there’s no radiation, no compression, nothing that’s going to hurt or damage them. And so, everybody can benefit.

So, thermography is considered a physiological test, imaging tool, whereas mammograms are a structural tool. Unfortunately, mammograms use radiation, which is harmful to the body, especially collectively. We’re harming our body by overly exposing it. And, the compression of the breast, especially women with implants, which is becoming more and more common, we’re damaging the tissue, and exposing those unhealthy cells to the rest of the body. So, we never want to say that we want to replace mammograms, but it’s certainly a great beginning.

Because you always want to do what’s the least harmful to start with, and then you can work from there up, with your other choices.

For women wanting to manage their breast health, you can start as early as 18 years old … and it’s good for a lifetime. There’s never no bad age, but you can start as early as 18 or so, once they’ve gone through puberty, they’re still growing until their early 20s, but at that point the hormonal changes are coming and that’s where we want to kind of manage the body through using thermography.

Come join us for an event at Depke Wellness, very soon. So, just check out, or register below, or give us a call. I just want you to know that I’m excited about this event, we are going to be doing some thermal body imaging for your health, and I’m here to answer all of those questions for you, and support your health naturally, healthily, with the greatest people to work with the Depkes.

Call Depke Wellness to Schedule Your Thermography Session Today (800)960-2755

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