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Welcome to week three of “The PAIN of Inflammation.” Week two is typically one of the most challenging weeks on the program and this showed for a few participants. This is most often due to those fighting some type of pathogen in their gut that typically have been there creating havoc for some time. Unfortunately, these pathogens often go undiagnosed and lead to a host of physical and mental/emotional health issues. Thankfully this is being addressed for you right now. Week three is a continuation of the gut support phase with of course the continued anti-inflammatory and immune support. Be sure to incorporate the Nutritional ID percentages but remember, the allowable/avoidance food list trumps your Nutritional ID and be sure to eat often enough and enough food so you do not experience hunger. Also be sure to work in your fundamentals of health. Collectively everything you are focusing on will play a role in you reaching your desired state of health and happiness. Lastly, remember to cut back on the GI Synergy if needed as directed in this week’s webinar. Week three supplements are the same as week two. 
  • Tumero – 1 teaspoon twice per day
  • Resvero – 1 teaspoon twice per day
  • Ultra D – 2 teaspoon twice per day
  • GI Synergy – 1 packet twice per day
  • Strengthia – 2 capsules twice per day
  • Repairvite – 1 scoop twice per day
I am excited for you to move through the gut support phase this week and continued success for all. Wellness for the World, Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath