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Best Source of Omega 3s?
by Glen Depke

It is important to first understand the importance of proper omega 3 fatty acid intake. Not too long ago our ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids was from 1:1 or 1:3. This was nearly a complete balance. In today’s world we are lucky to reach a 1:20 or 1:40 ratio, and honestly it is killing us. It will never say on the death certificate “death by fatty acid imbalance” but this plays a significant role in your health and wellness.

Understanding that omega-3s are critical to optimal health and wellness dates back to 1923 when scientists discovered these essential fatty acids. It was recognized at that time that this was essential for us to survive and thrive. Always remembering that Depke Wellness is about thrival and not survival. Yes, I know that thrival is not a word but it is a very important part of my vocabulary.

As mentioned above, the omega 3 to 6 ratio has been declining over the past 100 years as our diets shifted toward grain-fed meats and refined foods.

You may still be asking, why is this so important? This is due to the fact that this imbalance may lead to a host of inflammatory related conditions such as dementia, cancers, hormone imbalance, cardiovascular disease and so much more.

Improved intake of omega 3s has been shown to reduce vascular, brain, endocrine, and metabolic disorders. This is also imperative for your child’s brain and eye development.

Even the American Heart Association urges people to eat fatty fish such as salmon at least twice per week and suggests that the consume at least 1000mgs of omega 3s daily. Even conventional knowledge is telling us to consume and supplement with omega 3s.

The two big questions are; are you getting enough omega 3s and what is the best way to reach this goal? If you are like most of our culture, you are omega 3 deficient. Here’s how you can help yourself.

Personally I take a supplement called Krill-Plex. Krill oil is the most bio-available source of omega 3s along with an added factor. It is also a very potent anti-oxidant. Due to the high amount of free radical activity and oxidative stress we are under on a consistent basis the added anti-oxidant is a definite plus. Remember though that the most significant impact is the ever so important omega 3s and the Krill-plex is the rock star of omega 3s. To order the Krill-Plex visit the Depke Wellness Store, where you will not only find this at a favorable price point but also shipping and handling is FREE from the Depke Wellness Store on-line.

From a nutritional perspective I would suggest cold water seafood such as wild caught salmon and grass-fed meats. In my opinion, the best company available to us today with the highest quality seafood that is wild caught and tested to rigid standards in regard to mercury and other toxicity is Vital Choice Wild Seafood. You can’t go wrong with the quality and the taste of this high of a quality of seafood is extraordinary! All this and it shows up at your front door. How awesome is that?

Grass-fed meat is also a strong source of omega 3s but only grass-fed. You can occasionally find grass-fed meat at your market but I have used a source that is 100% grass-fed all the time. Blackwing Quality Meats is the choice for me of top quality, organic, grass-fed meat delivered to your home.

Please, make sure you eat some high quality, cold water, wild caught seafood and grass-fed meats with some consistency and remember your daily Krill-Plex. They don’t call them essential fatty acids because they are optional.