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Eating in Moderation?

So, I love when I hear people say things like, "Well, it's best to just eat everything in moderation."

Well, I did that not too long ago for literally just two days. I had a friend visit from out of town during those two days. I was kind of going along with what he was eating. And it wasn't that it was terrible, but what I will admit is that I ate things that I don't typically eat. I ate a little bit more than typical, and with getting together with friends, maybe drank a little bit more than usual. But in literally two days of eating things like corn chips or other type of gluten-free crackers, eating a little bit more than normal, I wasn't gorging myself, but just a little bit more than normal, and having a little bit more alcohol than I typically would. In two days I gained 6.8 pounds.

Food and Inflammation

Now, understand that I didn't gain 6.8 pounds of fat, because of the choices I made I probably gained about 6.5 ounces of inflammation and maybe 0.3 ounces of fat. So, when you think of eating everything in moderation, I want you to understand that often what you're doing when you're eating in moderation, and eating a lot of grains or other type of inflammatory foods, you're actually just pushing inflammation in your body, and you can gain weight very quickly when you do that.

Now, thankfully, I got back into my normal routine after that. And that 6.8 pounds of inflammation, and that little bit of fat that I gained, I lost relatively quickly getting back on my ketosis diet and staying away from grains, which typically creates some issues for me. So, use my experience as a little bit of an indication of what you can do to really keep your weight and your inflammatory response in a healthy level for you.

How to Test for Food Sensitivity

What I have found as the best starting point for Depke Wellness clients over the years regarding food sensitivity is the Cyrex Labs Array #4, which is a gluten associated food sensitivity test. This will look at both an IgG and IgA immune response to help you uncover what may be inflaming your body every day.

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