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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath Of course cancer is a potential risk for any of us, myself included, but let’s look at some signs that cancer is more likely for you than others. There are certain body signs that you can “read” to help you understand if cancer is more likely in your future. These signs are not a diagnosis of cancer and do not mean that you will absolutely develop cancer in your life time, but they are definitely to be paid attention to. If you have any of these signs, please do not “freak out” and create any doom and gloom. Simply use this information to initiate a state of caution, leading to education and prevention. After all, everybody would rather prevent cancer, rather than have this diagnosed and be in a battle for your life. Here’s some early signs of cancer. Notice the word “early.” This will most often mean that you have time to focus on prevention. Missing Lunulae 

Optimally you would have one half moon on your thumb and one on each of your next three fingers on each hand and none on your pinky finger. If you have half moons only on the thumbs as an adult, this is potentially an 80% increased risk of cancer. If you recall from recent articles, if you are missing any half moons, this shows a likelihood of poor peripheral circulation. If you have poor circulation, the body will try to compensate for this by producing more blood vessels. This is known as angiogenesis. When blood viscosity is high, blood flows slowly, allowing cancer cells to easily attach to other organs and tissues. If you are missing all your moons, the cancer risk can be even greater. And this one sign can be a significant contributing factor to any cancer. If you did not read the previous two articles on “reading” your body, catch these below. Week One Week Two Stomach or Esophagus Cancer You can look at two body signs. One is a hard lump about 2 inches above or left of the navel. Also look for lumps or thickening on the auricle, which is the outside portion of the ear/earlobe. Breast and/or Prostate Cancer Strawberry dots on the tongue Many cherry angiomas on the chest. (This can also be liver cancer.) 

 Cervical Cancer Vaginal bleeding after intercourse. Ovarian/Uterine Cancer Sudden vaginal bleeding in post menopausal women. Kidney Cancer Urinary bleeding with no pain. Lung Cancer Opaque nail with clubbing and dry cough. 
Blood Tests for Cancer Screening Convenient, affordable and confidential blood tests for cancer screening. Now at a Discounted Price Brain Cancer Ear ringing on one side only and  headaches with blurred vision. Breast, Endometrial, Colon and Lung Cancer can be Related to High Estrogen If you combine elevated estrogen with the circumstances below, you will want to put a strong foot forward on cancer prevention. Remember that one of the signs of potential estrogen dominance is cherry angiomas as mentioned earlier in this article. If sister has breast cancer or endometrial cancer, ten brother has a high chance of colon cancer. If you have two relatives within second degree who have these cancers, your risk is very high for one of these cancers. There is an increased risk of endometrial cancer if you have not had children, are infertile, late menopause, obesity or diabetic. If you fit into these categories, it is important to prevent cancer before you are 40. Why you want to pay attention to these signs. Within conventional medicine, there are cancer treatments, but the success rate is not high and the symptoms from treatment can be debilitating. Even some of the techniques used for assessing cancer can be an issue as well as treatment options.

  • Breast cancer patients who undergo needle biopsy were 50% more likely to have metastatic cancer than those that did not have needle biopsy.
  • Based on breast cancer again; a study of 1,173 breast cancer patients treated with surgery, 520 had relapse and twenty percent of premenopausal women relapsed within ten months of surgery.
  • Lung and colon cancer surgery is linked to cancer recurrence.
  • Colon cancer patients who had surgery had a higher relapse rate than invasive laparoscopy.
The change of recurrence and metastasis after surgery is 50% within 2 years and drops to only 5% after 5years. This does not mean that you simply take matters in your own hands. You absolutely want your conventional doctor to be involved if cancer is a risk or diagnosis, but you want to educate yourself on the best integrative techniques. So you can see that there is a significant advantage to getting past the post treatment five year mark. As you can see based on the information above, cancer recurrence increases after surgery.
  • Animal data suggest that surgery-induced angiogenesis exists.
  • Some metastasized cancer cells don’t grow on their own until a primary tumor is removed.
  • Surgery jump-started angiogenesis in a tumor involves the wound-healing process.
This is why angiogenesis inhibitors such as Angiostop would be recommended before and after surgery, to help the body to minimize recurrence. I recommend this to any client that has been diagnosed with cancer to assist the body in an anti-angiogenesis response. This article is written to create awareness of some underlying challenges that you may be dealing with personally. I do not suggest taking the information from this article and making significant life altering choices based on a snippet of information though. Everybody is interested in this type of information and I am sure you are too. You have the opportunity to assess what your nails, tongue and body is telling you with our world’s leader in this technique, Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi. Depke Wellness sponsors a Dr. Chi visit once per year and this exclusive opportunity is coming up on May 5th – 7th. Limited time slots are available so don’t miss this low cost opportunity to see what your body is telling you. As a follower of Depke Wellness, I know you enjoy getting to the core of your health issues, so here’s your chance! These session can be completed in our office live or you can email us specific pictures and Dr. Chi can complete your session over the phone. Low cost, significant information and from the comfort of your own home. I know how you like that combination. Learn more about Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi and YOUR chance to visit with the world renowned leader in fingernail and tongue analysis. If you have any comments or questions regarding this article please post this on our Facebook page or on our Twitter page for us to address personally. Contact Depke Wellness directly here.