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A special thank you to Dr Chi for permission to reproduce his work on our website. Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi is a biochemist and Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, and the founder of Chi’s Enterprise, Inc. Dr. Chi has worked in the fields of infectious disease, cancer, and artherosclerosis. He also consults worldwide. Dr. Chi developed an innovative diagnosis technique based on the observations and conditions of tens of thousand of cancer patients from the lunulae (half moon markings) of the fingernails and the teeth marks on the tongue to better combat the possibilities of disease in seemingly healthy people. Since Dr. Chi first published this book in 1997, thousands of doctors and patients have learned his method to self diagnose and detect illness early.
There are early warning signals that our body will express for many chronic ailments, including melanoma and other skin malignancies. Here is an example of one of those situations. When a Dr Chi trained doctor noticed a dark band on a 79-year-old female’s thumb (Figure 1), she immediately told her that it could be a benign nevus or an early sign of melanoma. The patient revealed that her dermatologist already recommended a biopsy of the nail. But doctor said that the abnormality is most likely not in the nail itself but somewhere else. So after asking if she had any unusual moles anywhere in the body, the patient confirmed that she does have a mole in her lower abdomen that started out small but has now grown laterally. This wasn’t the first time that this doctor has encountered something similar. Last year, after learning Fingernail and Tongue Analysis from Dr. Chi, she saw a dark strip on a patient’s nail and immediately suspected skin cancer. There was an irregular mole on the back of his right leg. A dermatologist later confirmed that it was indeed pre-melanoma.
Besides a dark vertical band on the fingernail like in the cases above, sometimes a black mark/mole on the soles of the feet and black line/bands on the toenails may also signal melanoma risk.
Another example:
A 72-year-old male from New York, had an unusually shaped, split fingernail on his left hand (Figure 2). Dr. Chi suggested that he may have squamous cell carcinoma. He said he did have surgery in 2009 for superficial melanoma on his face. So this time he had it checked out. The first doctor he consulted said that it may just be fungus. Then he consulted with a dermatologist, who conducted a biopsy and confirmed that it was indeed squamous cell carcinoma. He said, “ Thanks Dr. Chi for the correct suggestion.”
Cases like these are testament to the accuracy of using early diagnostic markers for certain conditions. Melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma do show up on the nails very early. In 2003, Dr. Richard Scher, MD, already wrote that melanoma occurs more often on the nails than on the skin, leading to many missed diagnoses.**Source: Dermatology Times. Feb.2003, p. 30.It is therefore important not to overlook signs manifested on the nails as it can delay treatment and possibly worsen the condition. So if you see a dark band or white longitudinal streak on the nail, check for irregularly shaped moles and consult your dermatologist.Do not automatically disregard any nail abnormalities as just a fungal infection since it can mask a more serious condition such as skin cancer.