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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

Infection is a significant issue for about 87% of my client base, yet this is an area that often goes unaddressed, leaving people suffering with pain, inflammation, discomfort and eventually leading to immune system issues and many other diagnosed diseased states.

Now the easy area to address is when you have an infection is your gut and when I say gut, this could be anywhere in your digestive system. Your stomach, small intestines and colon.

I say this is easier because you can complete a simple GI stool collection kit to help uncover the gut infections that you may be dealing with. And from there, you can use effective natural therapies to support your body’s immune system in eliminating your infection, whether this is a parasite, protozoa, detrimental bacteria, H-pylori any other of the thousands of infections you could be dealing with.

I say this is simple because there is testing that you can use to discover this, and natural solutions also.

Some infections are tough though.

This would basically include any infection outside of the region of your gut.

The difficulty here is in uncovering the infection in the first place and also in supporting your immune system in eliminating this infection, regardless of what it is.

It is much more difficult to assess because we cannot use a stool collection to pick up an infection in your arm or toe for example.

So once again, these infections typically remain unknown, leading to the challenges listed above; pain, inflammation, discomfort and eventually leading to immune system issues and many other diagnosed diseased states.

I have two examples for you. One is a client that has visited our office recently and the other is actually a situation that challenged me personally about one year or so ago.

The first example is the current client. This client had an open sore on her arm that had been there for months. Of course this person visited a conventional doctor and even a dermatologist. The answer for this was steroids and antibiotics to help with the lesion.

Much to the frustration of this client, nothing helped and this person was left with this gaping open sore on the arm, without an answer or direction.

This individual happened to stop in our office to pick up an unrelated product and one of our staff members noticed the open sore and started a conversation around this. It was mentioned that this could be an infection and that muscle testing also known as Applied Kinesiology or A.K. could provide some answers.

Sure enough, the muscle testing showed the potential of infections and we offered frequency support to help enhance the bodies natural immune reaction to address the infection.

Rather than tell you what happened I will provide before and after pictures. These may be a bit graphic for some but they provide an important impact for most. The first picture is the before picture and the second is the after picture taken after only one frequency support session. This is a significant difference in one session as you will see.

Infection Before


Before Picture


Infection After

After Picture

Another example is tied into something that had happened to me personally. I had contracted an infection in my big toe that created a level of pain that hindered my ability to walk. I have to be candid though, the last thing I thought of was an infection.

I considered injury (even though I did not recall injuring this), I thought of a joint misalignment but infection did not even come to mind for me.

Thankfully I did reach out to our practitioner in our office that is an expert and muscle testing and there it was, I had and infection in my big toe.

And I may add that the pain was incredible. As mentioned above, I could not even walk and I had a tough time thinking that I was going to get back to normal in any time quickly.

Thankfully I was able to use the frequency support and my immune system was able to tackle this infection rather quickly. I was up walking pain free in just two days.

Here is a picture of the infected toe. You’ll notice the swelling, discoloration and even the scaly look of the skin.

Infected toe

So the next time you have an usual pain, swelling, disfigured skin, open sore, etc., make sure you consider the possibility of infection.

It could save you quite pain and suffering.

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