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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

I am so excited that there was another recent adrenal summit called the Adrenal Reset Summit. After all, anything that brings awareness to stress hormones and adrenal function is good in my book.

Many people that see my emails actually initially found me when I did the original Adrenal Summit a few years ago, so you how important this subject is to me.

When talking about adrenal function, this can often be confusing to some, so I want to put this in a context that easily makes sense to everyone.

Your adrenal glands are your primary response to stress.

Now you likely think of stress as only mental/emotional stress but this is so much more.

Here are triggers that lead to this adrenal stress response.

  • Mental/emotional stress (of course)
  • Inflammatory stress
  • Stress of injury
  • Stress from infection
  • Food sensitivity stress response
  • Stress of chronic illness
  • Chemical, environmental and heavy metal toxicity
  • Pharmaceutical stress

So you can see, there is so much in life that triggers this stress response and I would bet that you have many of these triggers driving this response for right now.

Heck, who doesn’t?

This is why it is so important to address your adrenal health.

But let me give you a little secret, there is a much bigger reason to address the stress response and adrenal function. This is due to the impact your adrenal glands have on the rest of your body.

Here is a list of how your adrenal gland function affects your body.

  • High or low blood sugar
  • Female hormone issues
  • Thyroid problems
  • Poor immune function
  • Poor digestion
  • Weight gain or unhealthy weight loss
  • Build up of toxicity in your body
  • Aches and pains
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Poor bone health
  • Weak muscles and ligaments (chronic sprains)
  • Poor sleep
  • Moodiness
  • Ability to memorize and learn
  • Poor brain function

Holy “you know what” right!

So how do you know if you have an adrenal issue?

Before I share this, I can give you a recognition of more than a decade of assisting clients with adrenal function.

I have personally reviewed more than 5,000 adrenal saliva test kits over the past decade plus, and I can share an amazing fact with you about these results.

With over 5,000 kits reviewed, I have only seen six people come back with optimal adrenal function at the onset of a new client.

Scary, isn’t it?

Now in fairness, I work with people with health challenges.

I do not have people walking off the street into Depke Wellness saying Glen, I am rocking my health on every level, can we look at my adrenals?

The reality is that I work with people with health issues and based on these numbers, if you have a health issue on any level, there is approximately 1/10 of one percent chance that you would have health adrenals.

While having an adrenal problem is enough of an issue, recall the list I provided for you above based on the impact your adrenal gland function has on the rest of your body.

So you think this is an issue for you.

Back to what to do.

If you are simply looking for some level of recognition of your own adrenal function, feel free to take the online Adrenal Stress Profile here.

This will provide some level of awareness for you personal adrenal gland function.

This is a good start, so get your FREE adrenal assessment here.

Now if you are suffering from multiple challenges as list above, you also recognize that you are living with many of the adrenal stress hormone triggers that we discussed earlier in this article, it is time to actually test your adrenal function.

The key is to testing your adrenals with saliva. Based on my years of experience in this area and the 5,000 plus clients that I have assisted, this is the best way to test adrenal function.

Unfortunately many people will only test adrenal function and look only at cortisol and DHEA, which is incomplete at best.

The bonus of the testing we use hear at Depke Wellness is that we do not only look at adrenal function, we also assess other hormones such as estradiol, estriol, progesterone, testosterone and melatonin.

This gives us a comprehensive understanding of what is going on with hormones in your body that is needed for you to move forward.

If you only look at blood, you only measure hormones in your blood and not in the tissue of you body.

You may ask why this is so important, so here are some examples for you.

I can share the responses of two clients from the past.

One client was put on progesterone creams based on a low blood level of progesterone. Her progesterone was tested often and the levels were not going any higher. So logically, her doctor kept increasing the levels of progesterone creams. The problem is the logic does not make sense in this instance and here’s why.

When I looked at this clients saliva results her progesterone levels were over 40,000. This likely means nothing to you until I share that this client was in a post menopausal state and her progesterone levels should have been somewhere between 5 – 95.


The challenge here is that most people do not absorb creams very well and instead of making it into the blood, the hormones tend to build up in the tissue, which will show in your saliva results.

That’s bad enough, but this one is worse.

This is worse because it is tied into estrogen. As you likely already know, it can be very dangerous to live with elevated levels of estrogen. After all, this is a significant risk factor for breast cancer in women as well as prostate and breast cancer in men.

So this client was originally working with a very well know conventional doctor that noteworthy for his recommendations of bio-identical estrogen creams.

This client had low estrogen so she it was recommended that she take estrogen and progesterone creams.

After following these directions for a number of months, with little relief, we tested her hormones via saliva at our wellness center.

The results were a bit disturbing.

As another postmenopausal woman, her estradiol should have been between 1 – 3 and yet it was over 35. This is the risk factor we were discussing earlier and definitely a health concern. Also note that here progesterone was over 10,000 when it should have been between.

Just another issue for her to deal with.

While the use of hormone creams is a topic for another article in the future, I really wanted to make the point of the importance of testing hormones via saliva rather than blood. Or if you test via blood, also take a look at what your saliva may be telling you.

It actually may save your life!

Order your adrenal saliva test kit here.

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