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Hello Everyone, Congratulations for making it to the half way point of “The PAIN of Inflammation” program. There have been countless successes for most in the program already and many more to come. Remember to cut back on protein consumption for the next three weeks and follow the recommendations on the webinar per Nutritional ID. Here are the supplement recommendations for week four.
  • One teaspoon of Turmero and Resvero before breakfast and dinner
  • Two teaspoons of Ultra D before breakfast and dinner
  • Finish all gut supplements at the dose you have been using until they are gone
  • Add one packet of Hepato-Synergy before breakfast and dinner
  • Days 1 – 4 in week four add one scope of Clearvite as a shake or smoothie before breakfast or as your breakfast
  • Days 5 – 7 in week four add an additional Clearvite shake or smoothie before both breakfast and dinner
Thank you for your sharing and support on the blog. Creating this community is a big part of the program. Wellness for the World, Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath