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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

What an amazing turnout for the 3 day visit with Dr Chi visiting Depke Wellness! Thankfully we were able to get most of you in the were looking to visit with Dr Chi either live in the office or via phone consultations.

I wanted to take the time to share with you the three biggest issues that we say almost across the board based on Dr Chi’s findings over his three day visit.

Number one was hormone imbalance. This should not be a big surprise to you since you have heard me talk about adrenal insufficiency so much. Dr Chi takes this a step further and often finds challenges with either too high of estradiol or too low of estriol for both men and women. I had regularly witnessed recommendations for Myomin from Dr Chi for this issue. As you can see from the chart below though, Myomin is not only for estrogen dominance and hormone imbalance, this is a key for so many factors with your body.

So how do you recognize if this hormonal imbalance or specifically the estrogen dominance is an issue for you. As Dr Chi has shown, this can show up as red dots on the tongue or cherry angiomas on the body as in a recent article.

If you recognize these markings for yourself personally, Myomin just may be a key for you.

The second significant challenge that was seen across the board was poor circulation. To be more specific, this is poor peripheral circulation. So this is a challenge for getting the blood to the small capillaries in the extremities of your body. These extremities would be your feet, hands and the brain. You may recognize this as cold hands or feet, numbness or tingling of the hands or feet or brain symptoms such as poor mental clarity, poor memory or challenges regulating your mood. To recognize poor circulation, you can view the half moons or lunulae at the base or your fingernails. You should have one on each thumb and the next three fingers with none on your pinkie finger as shown below.

If you find this to be an issue for you, the supplement Veinlite is recommended to assist your body in increasing your peripheral circulation. This is such a key because circulation is a very basic essential need. This is how we move oxygen, nutrients, hormones and so much more throughout or body. Personally a few of my lunulae are smaller than preferred and I take 2 Veinlite twice per day after meals. This is especially important for me personally since I have such a high incidence of neurological challenges in my family.

One step further is to recognize if you only have a lunula on the thumb and none of your fingers, this is likely an extreme lack of oxygen to your mitochondria. Understand that the mitochondria are of the little engines that drive every cell in your body and of utmost important for your heart.

This leads us into the third biggest issue seen by Dr Chi while in our office, which is a lack of oxygen to the mitochondria which I mentioned above. This creates a significant risk factor for heart disease and stroke. An crease in the ear lobe is a risk for heart disease and cherry angiomas on the head is a risk factor for stroke.

If either of these factors are found it is essential to support your mitochondria function,

anti-inflammatory response and oxygen uptake with the use of Oxypower. Here are other factors that are enhanced by Oxypower.

When I say Dr Chi for a session during his visit, I was put on all three of these supplements. Interestingly enough, I was already taking the Veinlite to improve my circulation and when I wrote my article on belly fat recently, I started to take the Myomin to assist in dealing with that last bit of lingering visceral fat that I am dealing with and the Oxypower is now added.

I can share the I started the Oxypower on Friday and actually felt a very quick response. This definitely increase my energy and even at a time when my energy is being depleted with a very busy weekend. Anytime energy is increased, I am very happy about that!

To end, the Dr Chi event was a huge success and this is recognized by the his ability to uncover underlying challenges that are likely for so many individuals. This is such an essential key because preventing these issues is much easier than trying to recover once you are deep into the chronic disease states.