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If you missed part I or II of this series, you can click on these below. Adrenal Fatigue Is NOT Real? If It's NOT Adrenals, What Is It?

How Hormones Impact Your Body

Hi, it's Glen Depke here again and I welcome you to the next step in understanding what's really going on hormonally in your life. Remember a couple weeks ago we had talked about the simple fact that what you think of as adrenal fatigue really isn't adrenal fatigue. Then last week we got into the understanding of how if it's not adrenal fatigue, what is it really? Now you understand that this is the tie between your brain, your hypothalamus, your pituitary gland, and your adrenals, and how this really impacts the system overall and really leads to this hormonal imbalance you could be living with. Today, though, is the aha moment for you. Today is the day when you see the impact that this has on your body because this is not just about your adrenals, this is not just about the HPA axis. This is about how this impacts your body on a regular daily basis and I'd be willing to bet that some of what you're going to see here very shortly could be tied into the very symptoms that you're suffering with today. Let's take a quick look right here in what's going on. When we think of the HPA axis holistic impact, which means the impact that this has on your whole body, now when you HPA axis dysfunction this is not just about your hormones, it's about what this impacts in your body based on a lack of proper communication of hormones, which is really they're just communicators in the body. They're there to tell the body what to do.

HPA Axis Holistic Impact

When you look at this chart here, we'll start on the left and work our way right. When there's HPA axis dysfunction, first off this can impact your musculoskeletal health. What this means is it can make it more difficult for your body to enjoy proper bone and connective tissue turnover as well as muscular integrity. This might be people who are dealing with multiple sprains or strains on their body or an inability to recover from that perspective, maybe osteopenia or osteoporosis, and from that muscular integrity, maybe you don't recover from workouts as you did in the past or maybe it's tougher to build muscle. Outside of that, your neuro-tissue health, which has a direct impact on your ability to memorize and learn, your overall quality of sleep and regulation of your mood, and overall neural connectivity, which is tied into your brain and your nervous system, which is the master regulator of everything in your body. Also, this can have a sizable impact on your endocrine function overall. This could directly impact your pancreas and the production of either insulin or glucagon and basically regulating blood sugar in your body. This can also directly impact your thyroid function as well as, for women in childbearing years, also their ovarian hormone function as well. Outside of that, this can also be impacting your metabolism of fat and protein, your overall protein turnover, which is essential because your protein conversion into amino acids is an essential part of the building blocks of life for yourself. This is also a key factor in the production of neuro-transmitters so these little neurons in your brain and your body can communicate with each other. On top of that, your metabolism of fat is essential, not only for brain function but recognize that when you break down fat you enjoy about six or seven times more energy than breaking down carbohydrates so it's a better source and a cleaner source of energy in your body. On top of this, in this area this can also affect weight and fat distribution, this is whether you need to lose or gain weight, and then also the other important mucosal surface integrity, which is the interior lining of your nose, your mouth, your esophagus, your stomach, and for women, the vagina. It's anywhere where your body is easily exposed to the outside environment so this is kind of like that first layer of defense of your immune system or the marines of the immune system, so obviously that's very important. This also impacts every level of detoxification in your body. The simple fact is, is we live in a toxic environment, in a toxic world, and we need these systems working at their optimal, not depleted because they're depending on this hormonal response that they're not getting. Also, it's tied into your pro and anti-inflammatory state. You want to have the ability to create inflammation as a part of a positive healing crisis and you also need the ability to create the cortisone, which is a hormone that's needed as your natural anti-inflammatory. That's dependent on this HPA axis as well as your immune regulation. This is not just whether or not you get sick or get a cold or not, your immune system is also vitally important for your body to maintain and repair itself on a regular daily basis, which is really key for overcoming any challenge. Then, last and not least, it's tied into your overall metabolism, your glucose homeostasis which is just basically your blood sugar balance which is essential for your brain function, and also cellular energetics to produce energy in your body. Really, nowadays, who doesn't want more energy and I'm sure you want to enjoy that yourself. Now today, you have this understanding that it's not just a hormone issue, it's not just a hypothalamus, pituitary, and an adrenal issue, it's a whole body issue. What we're going to get into next week, then we're going to really address the underlying triggers for what causes this dysfunction, and we'll talk a little bit deeper about how to really test further and understand exactly where you're at from a hormone perspective. Have a great week, take care everybody.

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