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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

You saw it right, I am currently at my high school weight!

Not bad for 52 years old…

I am not saying this to brag or rub it in the face of others dealing with weight issues.

I am sharing this because I am no better or worse than you. I am simply a human being doing the best I can through this life and I run into problems with my health just as you do.

If you have followed me for some time, you recognize that I am not shy about sharing when I have challenges with my own health. I’ve posted some rather embarrassing pictures of when I was inflamed, I shared a picture of my big toe when it was infected, I discussed pathogens that I have carried, weight gained by eating in moderation and even my recent recognition of SIBO.

I gain weight, loss it and often gain it again, but something is different this time.

This time I have reached a level that I really never expected to reach.

I truly am at my high school weight, but there’s more.

It is not just about the weight.

My mental function has improved, I do not need as much sleep and I simply feel so much better than I have in some time.

What is interesting about the mental function is that I did not realize this was an issue until it improved recently.

I love pleasant surprises!

You may wonder what is the big “Ahh…Hah” moment that shifted this for me?

Perhaps you are expecting me to say it is any of these factors below:

  • I balanced my adrenals
  • I stopped eating food(s) I am sensitive to
  • I assessed and addressed gut infections
  • I have shifted how I perceive and deal with stress
  • I have promoted and anti-inflammatory state in my body
  • I have detoxed heavy metal or chemical/environmental toxins
  • I’ve balanced thyroid hormones
  • I have addressed my fundamentals of health

Well actually I have done all of the above and more and they all played a role of course. Yet there is one word that has shown itself to be the key for me and that word is…


This is the single biggest factor for you in overcoming your health issue(s).

I had continued to persevere to get to the bottom of my longer term chronic gut issue that has been hanging around for years and I am finally there.

Not only did I address the areas above, which play a key role in where I am right now, I kept moving forward and searching for my answer  until it became clear to me.

If you have read some more recent articles you may remember that I accidentally found out I have SIBO which is the acronym for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

I have been on the SIBO diet and supplement protocol since October 1st and plan on continuing this through the end of 2016 before I retest to see if this is no longer an issue for me.

The end result for me as mentioned above is not just weight loss but also improved mental/emotional function, I do not need as much sleep and I simply feel so much better than I have in some time.

Along with the SIBO protocol I am now going to focus on eliminated any residual inflammation and also address the four feed back loops that create inflammation in my upcoming More Than Just Weight Loss program.

If you want more information on this register here for tonight’s webinar called “The Skinny on Weight Loss.”

Oh, and by the way, that high school weight that I reached is 187.2 pounds.

I tend to carry weight well and most people would not recognize that I have weighed as much as 222 give or take a few pounds in the past. And actually one of my heaviest weights I have endured in the past was about one year ago for me as you can see in this article.

But back to the key word of perseverance.

The key is to always, always, always keep moving forward until you get to the deepest level of what is causing your current health issue.

There is always an answer but the problem is that many people give up before they get to the core.

So if there is one thing you can look for in 2017 for yourself is to persevere.

Your answer is there, you just have to keep looking.

Your high school weight, or the answer to your health issue awaits you.

Remember, I am no better or worse than you, you just have to persevere until your answer(s) are found.

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