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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

I hear about this all the time.

You follow a detox based on some information you found online or perhaps even recommended by your health care practitioner. After all, you’ve either the internet or your practitioner likely shared that your health will not improve while you are living with all these toxins in your body.

It makes logical sense, right?

This puts you on the path of some type of detoxification process.

Perhaps this is supplement based, nutritionally based or a combination of both.

Yet as you follow this protocol, you recognize that you are experiencing some challenges. Headaches, body aches and/or fatigue.

At this point, you hit the internet again or you reach out to your practitioner to describe the symptoms you are dealing with.

Generally you will hear that this is simply detoxification symptoms and you simply need to suck it up and push through this.

No, no, no…

This basically tells you that you are engaged on a detox under one of these conditions.

  • You’re simply not healthy enough to properly stimulate detox
  • You are detoxifying too aggressively
  • Your detoxification protocol has not included drainage
  • Your systems of elimination are not open
  • Your blood/brain barrier is in poor function
  • Your liver is congested

These can be challenges if you are on a supplemental detox or even is you are on a simple nutritional detox, such as a juice cleanse.

I know you always want to do what is best for you body, so lets look at detoxification in a difference way.

The Mind/Body Detox

Rather than “pushing” your body into something too aggressive and creating symptoms from which will create suffering, it would be best to support natural detoxification processes.

This can be achieved with:

  • Traditional Shiatsu Massage (Acupressure)
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy with Reiki Energy Work
  • Raindrop Therapy Session (essential oil therapy)
  • Endermologie (Increases lymph and circulation by 200% and increases movement of tight muscles)

But detox is more than just your body, it is also your mind!

If you are a walking “stress ball” or if you are carrying the suppression of emotional trauma of your past, this will have a significant impact on your ability to detox in a healthy manner.

Ignoring this level of your health will leave you behind the eight ball and thankfully, there are healthy ways to address this level of your health and detoxification.

  • Mindset Session to elicit your values
  • Mindset Session to discover your “blind spots” and determine what subconsciously (automatically) motivates and drives you
  • Mindset Session to create a personalized system to move you from where you are to where you want to be, easily and naturally
  • Mindset Session to wipe the past clean by releasing anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt and limiting beliefs and decisions
  • Mindset Session custom tailored to your needs to set you on the path to success

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When you reach the point of supporting your body’s natural detoxification processes and clear out all the old and ongoing mental/emotional baggage of the past, this will allow your body “and mind” to detoxify, free of symptoms.

And that is what you are looking for!

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