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Hello, it’s Glen Depke from Depke Wellness, and happy new year to you!

Now, with the new year I want to talk about one thing that’s pretty consistent here, and not just right now, but also through the years. What do you think is the number one new year’s resolution most people will make? Now, if you’ve guessed that that would be weight loss, you’ve guessed 100% right on. Not only is that the most popular new year’s resolution, as far as 2019 is concerned, but this is the most common new year’s resolution over a number of years, and perhaps even a decade or longer if we look deeper into this.

Now, while this isn’t always a problem, I’m going to just be very candid. I mean, every year at the beginning of the year, I have an intention of losing weight, but I have this because I kind of let loose a little bit during the holidays and really expand what I’m generally eating, and doing some other things that are just a part of the holiday fun, so to say. Typically, through the holidays, I might gain anywhere from maybe five to maybe eight or 10 pounds. Every year, I have a goal of losing that right away at the beginning of the year, because I don’t want to carry that extra weight and that extra inflammation with me on a consistent basis. Now, if you’re like that, I don’t really see a big problem with that, because you’re just kind of letting loose at one, small area, and you’re getting really rebalanced and reacquainted with your optimal health right away. The problem is, is that most people aren’t really doing it on that level.

You see, most people, and perhaps yourself right now, you have a goal of losing weight every year, but you never really achieve that goal. Every year, you’re just trying maybe a new thing or a different thing, or maybe a different diet or a different exercise regimen or a different supplement, or whatever it may be, to help you lose weight, but by the time you reach the end of the year, you realize that, “Wow, I never really reached my goal, so I’m going to have a new year’s resolution of losing weight for the following year.” We’ve all heard of the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a new result.

That’s where, really for you, the DepKETOSIS Lifestyle plan actually comes in place for you. One of the things that’s so important, if you’re going to lose weight, you absolutely have to regulate blood sugar properly. The DepKETOSIS plan will actually help you regulate your blood sugar properly, create a very powerful response for your body as far as increasing mitochondria, which are little engines that drive every cell, helping you lose weight, helping you gain energy, and so any other benefits beyond that. It’s more than just following a diet, or following a meal plan, and it’s really more than just following DepKETOSIS, because there’s other areas that are tied into your life that are so essential for you to actually lose weight.

See, the simple thing is that most people, what they do to lose weight is they take a new action, and then they expect that new action to provide a new result. Number one, the one area where most people are held back, is you’re not getting in deeper into the layers of your mind to create long term success. A part of the Depke Wellness Lifestyle Program is we actually get you into a space where you can actually tap into the other four layers of your mind to create the new identity, values, beliefs, learning, and everything that you need to not only create the success with weight loss you’re looking for, but to maintain this long term for yourself. Outside of that, with the DepKETOSIS Lifestyle Program, we’re going to address not only the DepKETOSIS, we’re going to address what’s going on with your subconscious mind to create that long term success that you’re looking for. We’re also going to address your neurology, your brain function, as well as how movement ties into that, and so much more.

Now, the one thing that is very real, but I have to say it, because this program begins on January 15th. If you’re going to get into the DepKETOSIS Lifestyle Program, and really save yourself a lot of money while also really reaching the goal that you’re looking for with that intention, that new year’s resolution of finally losing the weight and keeping it off long term, you have to act now. Click on the button on this page to learn more about the DepKETOSIS Lifestyle Program, and more importantly, to sign up and register so you can start along with the rest of the group, because you want this year, 2019, to be the year that you finally kick the weight loss issues that you’ve had in the past right out the window, and achieve your goals, and not just achieve them, but maintain them long term. Click the button below on this page, and I look forward to working with you in the DepKETOSIS Lifestyle Program. Thank you so much.

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