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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath and Founder of Depke Wellness

Adrenal Fatigue is NOT Real?

So maybe you'd like to find out if adrenal fatigue is something that's actually very real for you, or not. You see, it's only a small percentage of people who actually have adrenal fatigue, even if you've been told by your practitioner that you have adrenal fatigue, adrenal burnout, or adrenal exhaustion. You see, in the small percentage of the people who actually truly have adrenal fatigue, which may be only 4%, are those that may have a tumor actually growing on their adrenals, or they have Cushing's syndrome or Addison's disease, which are different autoimmune conditions that negatively impact adrenal function. You see, the other 96% of the people which may be including yourself, you're not living with those significant challenges. Your adrenals are still pumping out regular amounts of cortisol on a regular daily basis that are being stored in your body. You see, the key here then is to be able to convert the stored cortisol into free and active cortisol that your body can utilize. And understand, this isn't just about your adrenals at this point. This is about your brain, your hypothalamus, your pituitary, and how this works in conjunction with this stored cortisol.

Is It Something Else?

So for most people with adrenal fatigue, you don't have adrenal fatigue. You've got some combination that's imbalanced in either the brain, the hypothalamus, or the pituitary, and you simply have lost the ability to convert your stored cortisol into the free and active cortisol that your body needs, not only for a stress response, but your body also needs cortisol for overall holistic health for function of your body. So I wanted to start this short series, first, with the recognition that you're probably not dealing with adrenal fatigue, helping you understand a little bit about the HPA axis. But next week, I'm going to get deeper into the HPA axis, specifically, I'm going to start talking about how to test this, and ways that you can help your body to find its natural balance from this hormonal perspective. So I look forward to sharing more in the weeks ahead. And until then, have a great day and a great week!

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