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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath I hear it all the time, everybody is wondering about food sensitivity. But what is everybody wondering about! To me the biggest question I hear all the time is “why do I have such an issue with food sensitivity?” Food sensitivity is actually a new concept that is always evolving. I always say, if you are following an “expert” on food sensitivity and you are not hearing anything new, question what you are hearing. I have personally and professionally been studying food sensitivity for years and have reviewed countless food sensitivity test results over the years. I have also been diving into this world myself personally also. I remember looking at my first gluten associated cross reactive food sensitivity test to be shocked that out of 24 potential foods, I was sensitive to 14 of these. Yikes! I recall that dairy was “off the charts” sensitive to me at the “experts” claimed that I would never get dairy back in my diet. This was a bummer since I really enjoyed organic butter and cheese. Well, the “experts” were wrong. I eliminated dairy for 18 months while working on healing my underlying digestive issues. Then dairy was added back into my diet and I retested. Dairy was now in a healthy range for me and I confidently added this back into my diet. You see, you cannot be rigid in thoughts about food sensitivity. The “experts” said I would always be sensitive to dairy and thankfully this was wrong. Thousands of clients look to me as their “expert” in food sensitivity and I feel that my constant research in this field along with my willingness to shift my beliefs on this subject will always keep me in the forefront of this ever evolving subject. There in new research and information coming out on a regular basis on so many areas of food sensitivity and everybody is looking for these answers. I will get into the newest and potentially the most revealing information on food sensitivity shortly in this article. This information changes everything! I had even changed my stance on food sensitivity some time back, recognizing that it really is not the food itself that is typically the challenge, but rather functional challenges in your body that are leading you down the rabbit hole of multiple food sensitivity. You’ve got to be sick and tired of continually removing more and more food choices from your diet?! Now there are some true issues with food of course, but these are tied into adulterated foods. These would include Americanized wheat which is deamitized, hybridized and stored for long periods of time developing aflotoxins. Sounds appetizing right? This is not what wheat is naturally at  all and the reason why our wheat is such an issue. The other big food issue is with GMO foods. These are also manipulated to the point of a lack of recognition by your body. These simply are not natural food sources anymore. The other biggie is what is put (sprayed) on our food. If you are consuming conventional food sprayed with glyphosate or other chemicals, this creates an issue with the food itself, thus leading to potential sensitivity. If you want to read more about this in my past article, you can view this here. Today though, we have some new information that as mentioned earlier, will change everything for anyone dealing with food sensitivity. While I did mention the main food issues tied into sensitivities above, there are still plenty of people that do not eat wheat, eat organic and eliminate GMO foods. The problem though is that many of these people are still living with multiple food sensitivities. I am sure you are wondering why this is the case! Here’s why… For most of us, myself included, our food sensitivity will start with a lack of proper breakdown of protein. Depke Wellness 1, 2, 3 of Digestion Properly breakdown your protein with the combination of a  prebiotic/probiotic formula, digestive enzyme and stomach acid support. More info on the 1, 2, 3 of Digestion Understand that when we are sensitive to a food, there is an immune system response to attack this food. For this attack to occur your immune system will most often attach an antigen to the proteins in the food that you are sensitive to and then there is an all out immune system attack on that protein. Here is a simple and overlooked fact about this antigen response to the protein. An antigen cannot attach to a single amino acid. This might sound a but complicated, but I will make this easy to understand. When you eat a food that has protein in this, the protein will be comprised of many amino acids. This is the same if you are eating an animal protein or a plant based food that also contains protein. Examples of this could be eggs, meat, fish, dairy, oatmeal, wheat, corn and even coffee and potato. When you eat any food that includes a protein, which are many of the foods we eat, this protein will contain many different amino acids as mentioned above. The key now is to break down this protein into the single amino acids. So if there are 10 amino acids in a food you just ate, you want this broken down into 10 single amino acids. As mentioned earlier, an antigen cannot attach to a single amino acid. No antigen, no immune response, no food sensitivity! So the problem is when you do not break down your protein properly. If you do not, instead of leaving yourself with single amino acids, you will leave what is referred to as amino acid chains. This is many amino acids that are linked together like the links on a chain. Perhaps you’re wondering why this matters? This matters because antigens attach to amino acid chains. This lack of proper breakdown of our protein is the single biggest factor for most of us developing multiple food sensitivities. We must break down our proteins fully to escape to grip of this immune system attack on our food choices. I have always been a supporter of digestive aids but this pushes this information shows me that digestive aids are not a luxury, but actually a necessity in my mind. There are three key supplements that will help your body improve the breakdown of your proteins. Prebiotic/Probiotic Formula We simply do not eat enough raw and naturally fermented foods these days, so most of us are attempting to break down our food properly with a poor bacteria ratio. You can address this very easily by taking two Depke Wellness Prebiotic/Probiotic Formula every morning when you wake up. Not only will you enjoy 40 billion good bacteria (the good guys) but you will also enjoy the benefit of the prebiotics to enhance the environment of your gut to properly utilize the probiotic. This is an essential starting point for healthy digestion and proper breakdown of your protein. Digestive Enzymes All natural and raw food contains the enzymes needed to properly predigest this food in the first third of the stomach. The problem is that when we cook our food, we destroy these naturally occurring enzymes, thus decreasing our capacity to properly breakdown our protein. This is where a comprehensive digestive enzyme comes in. The problem with most digestive enzymes on the market today is that they are typically plant based enzymes. Plant based enzymes are great to help you break down plant based proteins but not optimal for breaking down animal proteins. This is the reason why the Depke Wellness Prime Enzyme Support contains both plant and animal based enzymes. After all, we want to break down ALL of our proteins into single amino acids. I recommend taking one enzyme at each meal and the best time to take this is after you have taken a bite or two of you food. Stomach Acid Support Stomach acid is ESSENTIAL  to properly break down your protein. Unfortunately low stomach acid is to an epidemic proportion in our culture. Just look at how many people are are acid blockers or proton pump inhibitors due to acid reflux or GERD. These symptoms almost always coincide with low stomach acid. You do not have to be suffering with GERD or reflux to have low stomach acid though. All you need is a “healthy” dose of stress in your life to leave you deficient in stomach acid. Too much stress, too little stomach acid. I recommend taking one Depke Wellness Prime Stomach Acid Support toward the end of your meal when you have a bite or two of food left to eat. *If you have stomach ulcers it is best to not use stomach acid supplements. Collectively I refer to these three supplements as the 1, 2, 3 of Digestion. All three of these purchased separately would cost you $82.80 and is already discounted as a 3 pack to $77.80. But from now until 03/31/16, this is further discounted to $67.80 for a months supply of all three of these digestive aids to assist your body in breaking down your plant and animal proteins into single amino acids. This is $15.00 off the cost of purchasing all 3 bottles separately. As you already have learned, this is invaluable when discussing food sensitivity! I have been recommending these for years now but with this new information on food sensitivity, everybody is going to want to be on these digestive aids. After all, we all want to break down our proteins into single amino acids, don’t we. You might now have realized this before reading this article, but now I am sure you see the importance of protein breakdown! If you have any comments or questions regarding this article please post this on our Facebook page or on our Twitter page for us to address personally. Contact Depke Wellness directly here.