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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

A few weeks ago I wrote an article “5 Cellulite Busters – Inside and Out” and I had some inquires regarding the outside component that was referred to as Endermologie.

Let me provide some interesting insight regarding Endermologie for you here today and how this can provide relief from embarrassing cellulite.

The History of Endermologie

Endermologie was invented by Louis-Paul Guitay in the early 1980s to assist in breaking up scar tissue and to prevent skin contraction when treating burns. While Endermologie was not initially designed for benefits outside of this, it was soon recognized to provide other benefits for the body as well. Benefits such as improved lymphatic movement, improvements in circulation and…

…the unexpected improvement of the appearance of cellulite.

As a result Endermologie has become widely used for aesthetic purposes in France and the US


This specific treatment is now used in over 70 countries by over 70,000 women daily and has been endorsed by over 3000 plastic and cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. It is the only treatment approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a temporary cellulite treatment.

What is Endermologie

Endermologie is a non-surgical tool used as a toning therapy for cellulite and post-operative liposuction as well as other conditions. My wife Dawn and our team of Endermoligist have assisted many women in overcoming not only issues with cellulite, they are also passionate in assisting with post-surgical scar tissue build up, especially after breast surgery.

No other method has been found to reliably and consistently reduce the appearance of cellulite as effectively as Endermologie. Cellulite specifically does not always respond well to weight loss, exercise, creams or even surgical liposuction. Perhaps this is why Endermologie is the only cellulite reduction tool approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.).

Endermologie is performed by trained practitioners, using a hand-held, massaging head that contains two rollers with suction in between. As the client, you would wear a unique bodysuit for both function and comfort during your Endermologie session. The combination of the massaging head with the two rollers and suction would roll over your soft tissue (fascia) providing you with the relief desired for cellulite reduction or removal as well as any scar tissue build up. And let’s not forget the benefits to your lymphatic movement and circulation. When this specific combination of gentle suction with the rolling motion is applied to the affected areas in a manner, this cannot be replicated by any other treatments. Clients often describe the experience as relaxing, much like a full body massage.

But with the help of the massaging head, the machine is able to deeply massage and suction the skin in a way that normal massages cannot. With each pass, it draws up the skin and rolls it around. This relaxing manipulation helps to break up cellulite. At the same time, it promotes blood circulation throughout the skin. By increasing circulation and lymphatic movement, it allows nutrients to reach the skin and tissue. Once the circulation is increased, the excess water is flushed away by the body. Fat, toxins and waste are also freed up and released with the water.

In addition, new medical research has conclusively revealed that in addition to the increase in circulation and lymphatic movement mentioned above, Endermologie also increases levels of collagen within the skin. The overall combination of these many factors ultimately results in a significantly tighter, smoothly contoured body.

So book your Endermologie session now by calling our office at (949)954-6225 or (800)960-2755, or you can email our friendly front desk staff at

Your initial Endermologie session is ONLY $105.

What do you have to lose, except for embarrassing cellulite and maybe scar tissue of course!

What Other’s Are Saying About Endermologie at Depke Wellness

Click the picture below to listen to Erin’s testimonial.

Lisa Banning shared…

“Endermologie was a game changer for the year after my mastectomy. I had a few issues  during reconstruction which involved 5 more surgeries. I had endermolgie between surgeries and that helped keep the skin pliable and the scar tissue at bay to allow my plastic surgeon to have the best outcome. Unfortunately each surgery exacerbates scar tissue so it’s still my go to to break it down.”


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